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BBQ Afternoon Tea


Rolls or wraps - choose 3

Pulled Pork & Coleslaw
Crispy Chicken Salad
Pastrami & Horseradish
Smoked Maple BLT
Sweetcorn Fritter with Coleslaw (ve)
Peanut Butter & Jam (ve)

Savouries - choose 2/3

Mac 'n' Cheese Bites
Sweetcorn & Courgette Smokey Quiche
Beef Brisket & Smoked Cheese Quiche
BBQ Sausage Rolls
Savoury Scone with Cream Cheese & Smokey Bacon 

Cakes - choose 2/3

Coconut Tarts
Key Lime Pie
Brownie with Bourbon Cream
Pecan Pie Salted Caramel Doughnuts 
Scones with Blueberry Jam and Cream

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